InfoPrint5000 GP

The InfoPrint® 5000 General Production Platform (GP) is designed for environments with tight print windows and requirements for diverse media and stringent colour quality. A very versatile platform, the GP models offer optional integrated or on-demand MICR for colour or monochrome jobs. The speed of all models can be upgraded in the field.

  • Features and Benefits


  • Rely on proven inkjet technology – systems are in production around the world
  • Expand colour possibilities with PANTONE® PLUS certification
  • Get MICR support in colour or monochrome configurations, with PostScript, PDF, or AFP / Intelligent Printer Data Stream™ (IPDS™) using the GP alone or paired with the InfoPrint 5000 Multi-Purpose Platform (MP) MICR model
  • Improve accuracy of print job estimates and monitor ink usage with the ink management suiteGain page-level error recovery and accurate, consistent, device-independent output thanks to built-in Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) print architecture
  • Save floor space and enable easy operator access to printer displays with face-to-face “U” configuration, which is supported by most GP models

* Exact speed varies depending on printer settings, document complexity, system configuration, software application, system environment, driver and printer state. Printer images may depict the installation of additional feature(s) which are offered at additional charge(s). Please contact us or reseller sales representative for more information.


Choice of configurable models with field-upgradeable speed
Buy what you need today – and protect your investment – with the ability to upgrade speed when you’re ready.

Specified colour support in Adobe™ PDF / PostScript™ environment
Increase your flexibility to customise documents when you configure a GP with an MP to process tagged data to be printed with an ink other than black, cyan, magenta, or yellow, e.g., for printing MICR data.

Intelligent Printer Data Stream™ (IPDS™) spot MICR
Save space and energy by pairing a GP using black and MICR inks with an MP monochrome model.

PANTONE® PLUS certification
Differentiate your brand and communications with the latest colours.

Built-in Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) architecture
Enhance high-speed printing to include accurate, consistent, device-independent output with page-level error recovery.

Extended media range
Satisfy a spectrum of customer requirements with support for inkjet, ground wood, recycled, offset and an increasing number of coated stocks.

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