CCTV Security Camera Systems

4/8/16/32 Channel Dvr Unit & Harddrives. Lcd display /Realtime viewing & recording.
ALSO INCLUDED : REMOTE VIEWING view from anywhere on laptop VIA uncapped internet. Wireless mouse. Infrared (Day & night recording) Camera’s Dome/Bullets/10Amp Powersupplies. Uninterupted Powersupply/Remote control. Network, cabling, sundries, conduit, boots, etc. all included. Training Included
  • Manage from one central point. Time Saving.
  • Improve safety of learners, workers/employees.
  • Use as evidence by incident. Playback Function. Protect educators.
  • Increase productivity of learners/employees.
  • Minimize or eliminate burglary & Crime.
  • Prevent theft. Backup’s – can viewed afterwards
  • 24 Hours recording, day & night
  • Infrared – Identify persons.
  • Remote viewing – can view from anywhere via uncapped internet connection
  • Systems with Audio also available on request
  • Camera’s with bigger lenses also available (100m)
  • Hidden camera’s also available